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Energy Links Project in Central Asia: CASA-1000 Intergovernmental Council Secretariat Executive Director

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Position Type: Expatriate, Long-Term
Description: Terms of reference
Executive Director, CASA-1000 Intergovernmental Council Secretariat

ECODIT LLC is recruiting for the position of Executive Director (ED) for Intergovernmental Council (IGC) Secretariat of the Central Asia South Asia Electricity Transmission and Trade Project (CASA-1000). The CASA-1000 IGC Secretariat is currently operating from Almaty, Kazakhstan, and is funded by USAID/Central Asia under its Energy Links project implemented by ECODIT LLC. The IGC Secretariat is providing central executive, technical and administrative support to the IGC, comprised of Ministers from the four countries (Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan), and is responsible for deciding on high-level strategic issues regarding the project, and for ensuring that the necessary steps to implement and operate it are taken.

The IGC has established a Joint Working Group (JWG) and working-level committees (Procurement and Financial Committees, and a Legal Subcommittee), comprised of qualified governmental officials and experts, to negotiate agreements and provide detailed project oversight. For the upcoming implementation phase, the IGC will establish additional working-level committees (Technical, Implementation and Operational).

The CASA-1000 project (estimated at about US$1.2 billion) is designed to transmit 1,300 MW of summer surplus hydroelectric power from the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan to power-deficient Pakistan and Afghanistan. It will be implemented through a set of commercial agreements and institutional framework documents signed between the parties with construction of High Voltage DC and AC systems to be contracted in several procurement packages. Procurement of CASA-1000 infrastructure packages has already commenced with a number of contracts, expected to be signed within the next few months.

ECODIT LLC, the prime contractor for the USAID Energy Links Project, is providing technical, managerial, administrative and financial support to the IGC Secretariat, and is looking for a highly qualified individual to take over the role of the Secretariat’s Executive Director for the construction phase of the project commencing soon.

The ED position is that of a high-level senior executive who provides the central technical and managerial leadership for the overall CASA-1000 project, for, and on behalf of, the four countries. The success of the project will rely heavily on the expertise and ability of the selected ED to establish and maintain a highly collaborative, consensus-building relationships with and among the project implementers, owner’s engineers, donors, international financial institutions, and the IGC which represents the interests of the governments and people of the four countries and the wider region as a whole.