Techno-economic Feasibility

An earlier version of the techno-economic feasibility study was financed by the Asian Development Bank and was competitively awarded to SNC-Lavalin of Canada.  The study was carried out in two phases, with Phase 1 covering a pre-feasibility assessment of the technical and economic viability of the transmission interconnection, and Phase 2 providing the detailed feasibility analysis of the project.
Phase 1 of the study was completed in December 2007. The draft final Phase 2 Report was submitted in January 2009.  However, ADB’s decision to suspend its involvement in the project in early 2009 resulted in residual issues about the feasibility not being addressed.

The World Bank was approached in mid 2009 by the CASAREM governments for support, to continue and complete the Phase 2 feasibility study. SNC-Lavalin was hired given they had been competitively selected by ADB to do the earlier study. The feasibility study was finalized in February 2011, after reviews by the project Governments and IFIs.

Techno-Economic Feasibility Study (Main Report – English)
Techno-Economic Feasibility Study (Main Report – Russian)
Techno-Economic Feasibility Study (Appendices Part 1 – English)
Techno-Economic Feasibility Study (Appendices Part 2 – English)